The first few years of learning are perhaps the most crucial for every child. At Cambridge International Schools, we understand this fact very well. A friendly dedicated staff and a stimulating environment ensure that children feel safe and free to explore.

We believe that play is the most important tool of learning and problem-solving for a child during his/her formative years. Hence, our curriculum includes lots of games.

Our pre-school classrooms are well equipped with materials that encourage imagination and socialization - including books, blocks, manipulative, paints, dramatic play, eurhythmics, kinesthetic and sensory activity. This we believe is the foundation every child needs as he/she moves into the academic area of language art, reading, mathematics, science, social studies etc .

At the primary and the secondary level, our schools lay extra emphasis on a development-based curriculum. Special attention is given on inculcating optimistic attitude and healthy habits for a positive self-esteem.

It is at this stage of education that we encourage children to constructively question things around them. And this is also the stage where we make the teaching-learning process more personalized and meaningful. Because children are at an age where they pick up things very quickly, we also offer them the option of learning an additional language - Indian and foreign - apart from English - the language of instruction.

As children continue to learn and grow, we regularly monitor they development and share it with parents. Hence, we work together with parents since the very beginning. Medium of Instruction The teaching methodology incorporates a student-centered system of learning. While English is the medium of instruction, students have a third language in middle school.